Sunday, February 22, 2009

Creating Leaders in AutoCAD

In this lesson you learn how to create and edit leaders.

Before you begin, open 7120a.dwg.

  1. From the Dimension menu choose Dimension Style.

  2. Select New.
  3. Type Arrows.

  4. Choose Continue.
  5. Select the Symbols and Arrows tab.
  6. From the Leader list choose Closed Filled.

  7. Choose OK.
  8. Choose Set Current.
  9. Choose Close.
  10. From the Dimension menu choose Leader.

  11. Select a point under the bridge.

  12. Select one or more points to draw the arrow line.
  13. Type BRIDGE.

  14. Press ENTER to indicate you don't want to add a second line of text.


    To edit the text for the leader, from the Modify menu choose Properties, then select the text.


    If you follow these steps in your own drawings and you can't see the leader text, you need to increase the scale of your dimensions by modifying the dimension style. You will find the scale option on the Fit panel.

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