Sunday, February 22, 2009

Using the REGION Command to Close Gaps

This lesson is continued from the previous tutorial. There are a variety of commands you can use to fill the gap over the sill and under the header. You can use AutoCAD's 3D face command to close this space, if desired. In this exercise, we use AutoCAD's REGION command to create flat planes.


    This technique is very useful for models that will be taken into 3D rendering application. It lets you close up gaps in the model as required.

  1. From the View menu, choose Regen to regenerate the screen.
  2. From the Draw toolbar, choose 3D Polyline.
  3. Select three of the four the corners of the window sill.
  4. Type C to close the 3D polyline.
  5. From the Draw menu, choose Region.
  6. Type L at the command prompt to indicate that you want to use the polyline you just drew to define the region.
  7. Press ENTER again to indicate that you don't want to select any more objects.
  8. From the View menu, choose Hide. Note that the gap between wall lines is no longer apparent.
  9. Repeat this procedure to use REGION to fill in the bottom and top of the header. You need to fill in this space, or when you render this room from a normal camera height you'll see the gap in the wall again. Note: Don't forget the REGEN step at the start of this exercise. This will display the hidden lines.

Now that you know how to create 3D walls, sills and headers, you should feel comfortable to creating 3D doors and windows as well.

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