Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Exporting Block Geometry with WBLOCK

You can export any block, or any group of objects, out to a new drawing. This is a great way to grab just part of a drawing (like the first floor walls) for use in creating a new drawing (like a second floor).
  1. At the Command prompt type WBLOCK.
  2. Type c:\great-bed. You are naming the new file great-bed.dwg and putting it at the root directory on the C drive. Note that some computers have been configured to make it impossible for you to write to the C:\drive. If you get an error, you can select any folder you like to put the new great-bed.dwg file in.
  3. Select the Block radio button.
  4. Select the Bed block.

  5. Choose OK to exit this window. The BED block geometry will be written out to its own drawing file called great-bed.dwg. To look at this geometry, From the File menu choose Open and select the drawing file as you would any other drawing file you've created.
    If you find a drawing becoming very, very slow, or it appears to be corrupt, turn on all the layers you want to have. Zoom all the way out. Then, use the WBLOCK command with the Objects option to select and export all the visible geometry to a new drawing file. That usually results in a new drawing file which is much much easier to work with and has all the geometry, layers and blocks you need. If you work in a large drawing office, talk to your manager before doing this. Its a drag to end up with two versions of a drawing file (one small, one large) wandering around a drawing office.

You will find our version of the finished drawing in 7201e.dwg.