Sunday, February 22, 2009

Creating Text in AutoCAD



In this tutorial you learn how to create and edit four kinds of text and tables in AutoCAD. This is a great tutorial for anyone you needs to understand the text creation and editing commands AutoCAD users have to choose from.

You master:

  • Creating and editing single-line text
  • Creating and editing multi-line text
  • Creating and editing leaders
  • Defining Text Styles and associated Fonts
  • Creating and editing tables
By the time you complete this tutorial you should feel comfortable creating and editing most kinds of text.
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Creating Text

In this lesson you learn how to create and edit single and multiline text.
  1. Prior to starting this tutorial, open the 7120.dwg drawing file. Remember to right-click on the link and choose Save Link Target or Save Target As to save it to a folder on your local hard disk.

  2. From the Draw menu choose Text then Single Line Text.
  3. Select a point in an empty area in the lower left corner of the drawing.

  4. Type 2' to specify the height of the text. You are specifying that you want the text to be 2' tall, and when the drawing is plotted the text will be scaled like the rest of the geometry.
  5. Type 0 to specify the scale of the text.
  6. Type Train Overpass to indicate the text that should be added to the drawing. Press ENTER to go to the next text line.

  7. Press ENTER to indicate that you don't want to add any text on this line.

  8. From the Draw menu choose Text, then Multiline Text.
  9. Select two points to create a box under the geometry.

  10. In the Text Height box, type 1'.
  11. In the text box type Highway I-93 overpass for the Southern Pacific railway. Project scheduled for completion in 2055. Contracts to be awarded by open bidding and public auction. Right of way currently runs through Emerson Cemetery. Scheduled for clearance. You can type other text if you prefer.


    Double-click on either text object to edit it. If you prefer, from the Modify menu choose Properties, then select the text you want to edit.