Thursday, February 26, 2009

Modifying an XREF File with REFEDIT in AutoCAD


Modifying an Xref with REFEDIT

In this lesson you learn how to modify a block so its components take on the colors specified by the layers on which they reside.
  1. From the Tools menu choose Xref and Block In Place Editing, then choose then Edit Reference In-Place. If you prefer you can just type REFEDIT at the command prompt.

  2. Click on one of the red and yellow door blocks in the drawing.

  3. Choose OK.

  4. Select two points to put a window around all the elements of the door.
  5. From the color control list on the properties toolbar choose by layer.

  6. Press the ESCape key to release the selected objects.
  7. From the Refedit toolbar choose the Save Reference Edits icon.

  8. Choose OK. Note that all the doors now reflect the color change. This is because the color of the geometry the doors are on is now determined by their layer rather than being assigned to each line and arc of each door.

The techniques demonstrated in this project are useful for anyone who needs to set up background drawings.


    Did you know that you can use the QSELECT command to select objects by property? Use this tool to select objects to which a color or linetype other than ByLayer has been assigned.

    Very Important Tip:

    Remember, it is almost always best to control the color and lineweight of an object by assigning those properties to a layer, then placing objects on that layer. If you assign color and lineweight directly to objects, then in order to change that assignment you have to modify each and every object which can take quite a long time. If you assign color and lineweight to layers, then you can change color and linetype for all the objects on the layer just by changing those properties of the layer.

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